You may be here because you are facing something now or from the past and concerned about how it is effecting you. 

Sometimes struggles are known and specific, sometimes they have been a persistent or mysterious issue for a long time. Problems may circumstantial or part of your personality.  Perhaps there is a regret or a need to reconcile something and find a sense of purpose. There may be blocked creativity, relationship challenges or an unshakable feeling that something is missing.  Or there are thoughts and feelings that are making life difficult for you. Acknowledging that you might need some help often takes courage.

Whatever the complexity, the aim of psychodynamic therapy is to support and discover lasting meaning and clarity. 

Therapy provides a confidential and non-judgemental space, away from the pressures and distractions of everyday environments to think about your experiences and issues and find your way forward, with professional support.

You are welcome to get in touch and can do so here. You can also email or leave a phone message in confidence.  I usually respond within 24 hours during the working week.

If a FREE telephone consultation seems helpful, I will arrange a suitable time to call you.  
We can then find out whether it's appropriate to proceed to arranging an initial consultation.

Initial consultations (usually one but possibly up to six sessions) are face to face and give opportunity for us both to see whether working together would be helpful before you commit.

You can read a bit more about issues I have experience in working with and have been helped by therapy, under the page entitled 'concerns'.