What makes your unique life the way it is?

How do your relationships, dreams and drives manifest?

What would you like to change and why?

What is meaningful to you and how do you honour that?

Psychodynamic Therapy, which is derived from Psychoanalytic and Jungian Psychology perspectives, explores in depth what might be ordinarily hidden beneath and beyond the "here and now" aspects of human experiences, relationships and behaviour.   

Long held patterns, past experiences, losses and attachments are thought about in the context of how they may be influencing your present situation. Here, the therapeutic relationship is key, it serves as a bridge in many ways, enabling the client to move through distress, confusion or stuckness towards a better understanding of themselves and others, in readiness for the outside world. 

Suffering presents itself in many known and unknown, ordinary and extraordinary ways. I welcome difference and diversity with interest and maintain reliable and robust boundaries that foster mutual trust and respect.

Together we will investigate what it is you are struggling with and discover where there is possibility for repair, restoration, acceptance, relief, healthy creativity and greater potential to live as you intend.

“In each of us there is another whom we do not know.” ― C.G. Jung