Free Telephone Consultation

I offer a FREE telephone consultation of up to 20 minutes for those who may have questions or concerns prior to arranging an initial consultation. Please get in touch and I will arrange
a suitable time to call you.

Regular sessions

Sessions are face to face,
on the same day and time, weekly.
Each session is 50 minutes.

Long term or open-ended psychodynamic therapy is optimal, allowing depth of exploration, and for development to be profound and unrestricted.

Shorter term psychodynamic counselling is usually focused around a single issue and I suggest a minimum commitment of 12 weeks,
where possible, as beneficial.

In all cases your hopes and circumstances are an important part of the discussion and we would agree on the length of treatment together.

My standard rate is £50 per session, for individuals.

If you are in need of concessions, please get in touch. It may be possible to arrange a space at a reduced rate.

Booking an Appointment


Use the contact link in confidence to get in touch
and take the next step. We can then find out
whether it seems appropriate to proceed
to arranging an initial consultation.

Initial consultations (usually one but possibly up to six sessions) give opportunity for us both to find out more and to see whether working together would be helpful before you commit.

Initial consultations last 50 minutes per session.

Other Referrals

In addition to independent individuals, I accept client referrals from G.P.s , Nurse Practitioners and other primary healthcare professionals.

I also offer small group and workplace workshops, focusing on personal and professional development, team work strategy, relationship building
and creative consultation.

Client testimonial: 

"I wasn't entirely sure what to expect but I came to the session with a wish to release old patterns (physical, emotional, and mental) that I felt were keeping me from doing the work I needed to do in the world. It was an intensely empowering process, to pro-actively identify exactly what it was I needed... I had some surprising revelations and came away from the experience with a fresh vitality and energy toward change, having made some major decisions and resolutions, which I'm happy to say have continued to have a positive impact on my life on all levels. "