Whether you are going through a confusing, difficult or distancing time, facing transitions in life or in your inner world, or perhaps seeking something else that seems promising, couples therapy offers a respectfully held space to think about what is happening or changing between the two of you. 

Couples therapy can help people reach a better understanding of their relationship, identify where things seem to be going wrong and discover new ways of seeing themselves and each other, with the potential for greater acceptance, harmony and fulfilment.  

Suitable for any pairing of two individual adults who feel their relationship needs some experienced and attentive counsel and fresh perspective, it's not restricted to conventional binary roles, models or configurations.

Things we might address include:

  •  infidelity or insecurities
  •  responsibility conflicts: share of work, home, childcare balance and finances
  • finding yourselves disillusioned, feeling like room-mates or 'ships in the night'. 
  • changes such as jobs, homes, life stages, illness, bereavement, loss
  • communication struggles
  • living with different schedules/needs/expectations
  • family or friendship conflicts
  • sexuality and intimacy

I offer a supportive, confidential space to work through your struggles or questions, thwarted and hidden feelings or behaviours and habits that are impacting on your significant relationship or any dependents involved.

Sessions are held regularly, at least fortnightly.

Getting started:
I ask that each of you contact me either together, or within 24 hours of each other. In the first instance, I will need to establish that your enquiry is mutually instigated.
We might then arrange a short call, usually via Zoom as an introduction.
If we decide to proceed there will follow a period of assessment to give us the opportunity to think together about the focus of our sessions.