I offer :

  • dream work
  • creative consultation 
  •  workshops, arts labs, experiential groups and CPD 

Dreamwork, arts labs and embodied group experiential processing can be powerful ways to learn that which we most thirst after: connection and wisdom.

Focusing on personal and/or professional development, relationships, humanisim/spirituality and creativity from psychodynamic, psychoanalytic and Jungian psychology perspectives. 

I have a strong interest and understanding of modernism expressed through psychology, philosophy, the humanities, Eastern and western mystery traditions, art and creative writing.  I believe an apparant departure from classical forms is an essential stage in the process of individuation, and in it's true expression is a consciously spontaneous gesture : the opposite of naivety, rejection or subversion.

Sessions are diversity-rich, multicultural and contemporary.    I draw from many years of experience working internationally as a therapeutic arts and philosophy teacher, trainer and coach alongside my professional clinical work as a therapist.

Participant Feedback : "I wasn't entirely sure what to expect... It was an intensely empowering process, to pro-actively identify exactly what it was I needed... I had some surprising revelations and came away from the experience with a fresh vitality and energy toward change, having made some major decisions and resolutions, which I'm happy to say have continued to have a positive impact on my life on all levels. "

If you are interested in commissioning a group session or course, please Get in touch here for further information.