During your initial consultations we will agree your fee.
 Typically these are between
£75 - £120 per session for individuals
£100 - £150 for couples
Supervision is from £50 depending on frequency etc.

(International clients fees are usually higher per individual arrangement)

I do consider hardship and reserve some spaces for concessions when need and commitment is evident. As you might expect these spaces are often taken up, so there might be a waiting list or I can refer you to trusted services which provide low-cost counselling or therapy.

Fees are subject to revision and any increase will be discussed with you in advance. 

Missed sessions/cancellation policy
Once we’ve decided to work together I commit to your weekly session times and they are reserved for your therapy. Therefore you will be charged for all sessions, including any you don’t attend or cancel due to holidays or for any reason. This is standard practice in the profession.

If you know you have to miss a session, please let me know as soon as possible. If I have an alternative space free that same week then I will offer it to you, but I cannot guarantee this option will be available.

You do not pay for sessions when I am away or if I have to cancel. 

Remote Sessions

Remote sessions may be necessary or more appropriate if we cannot meet in person. I do ask that you give me 48 hrs notice if you require a remote session instead of your usual in-person one.

Covid19 onwards

Covid secure safety measures and protocols are in place in the consulting room and premises. Where necessary remote sessions usually mean therapy can continue.

What if I want to stop coming?

You can stop whenever you wish, however I do request a minimum 4 weeks notice to allow us some time to work out an ending. Without giving this period of notice, you may have to pay for sessions that have already been allocated for you ~ so it’s best to plan an end date with me. Therapeutically it is wise to plan and think about an ending over a longer period.