Referrals & Other services


I work with independent Adults from age 18 onwards.

It is important that the client themselves arranges an initial consultation with me directly, however I do consider referrals via GP's, Nurse Practioners, other Primary Healthcare Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Counsellors & Psychotherapists.

This is not an emergency or acute psychiatric service.

Other services

I offer peer group supervision, small group and workplace workshops and CPD courses focusing on personal and professional development, relationships and creativity from a psychodynamic/psychoanalytic and
Jungian psychology perspective.

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Participant Feedback: "I wasn't entirely sure what to expect... It was an intensely empowering process, to pro-actively identify exactly what it was I needed... I had some surprising revelations and came away from the experience with a fresh vitality and energy toward change, having made some major decisions and resolutions, which I'm happy to say have continued to have a positive impact on my life on all levels. "