Ongoing Therapy

Ongoing Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy is usually long-term/unlimited/open ended

• Sessions are regular - on the same day and time each week.
• Each session is 50 minutes.
• You can have as many sessions as you need.

Therapy is an important commitment to something which so often gets lost or pushed aside in today's busy world: an effective and healthy way to look after the mental and emotional life and understand the inner world.  

Good therapy depends on developing trust and a robust, safe, relationship with your therapist. Confronting deep wounds and/or knots can sometimes feel challenging. Open ended or longer term therapy gives time and space, without intrusion, to discover meaningful insights and make changes appropriately.  Confidence and capacity for transformative change is developed by consistent embodied experience. 

Therapy can be an enriching process: somewhere to find purpose and perspective that is beneficial for you and those close to you in an enduring way.

Often, something previously unknown ~ yet deeply rewarding and invaluable ~ has been waiting to be found.

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